At Conscious House sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, it is something that is of great personal importance to us both, after all it's how we became friends. With so much damage already done to our planet, particularly by business, we wanted to make sure that our products are not only looking after you, but the planet too. 

Here's how we go about it:


All of our products contain only natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced. This covers everything from buying sustainably cultivated essential oils and raw ingredients to using ethically made or waste fabrics to recycled and recyclable containers.


The containers used in our products are all recycled or recyclable. With regards to packaging, we wrap all your parcels up as minimally as possible, but we also want to keep your items safe in transit so we use recycled and re-used paper to cushion them. 


We're working on calculating the carbon footprint of your parcel's travel, once we've found the best solution, we'll be sure to make our deliveries carbon neutral.

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