• Relax and unwind with this little bundle of self-care goodness. 100% natural salt both softens dry skin and soothes skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. The magnesium content of the salts help to stabilize mood and relieve stress and anxiety.


    Paired with the dried lavender flowers, this bundle makes for the ultimate healing, soothing and relaxation treat. The scent of lavender is known for reducing anxiety and calming the mind; for skin lavender is an excellent healing and soothing ingredient.


    This products is designed to be used with your other preferred bubble bath or bath oils, but is also suitable for a more diluted bath with just the salts.


    How to:

    Shake the bottle to loosen the salts and then pour one third or one half of the salts into warm bath water. Follow with either one third or one half of the dried lavender and swirl through the water. Sink in and relax. 


    Fine Details:

    97g of pure, natural magnesium sulphate salt in a glass bottle with wooden stopper. 3.3 grams of pure dried lavender flowers in a recycled paper pouch. Attached with natural jute twine.

    Unwind Mini Bath Salts

    SKU: 0050
    • Natural Magnesium Sulphate salt (MgSO4)

      Dried Lavender flowers

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