• Choose any three of our eight deliciously scented natural soaps to package up for a sweet stocking filler this Christmas.
    Our fragrance blends are made with 100% high grade essential oils to treat skin as well as deliver delicious aromas when cleansing.
    Orange & Almond: sweet but refreshing, this blend is uplifting yet warming whilst delivering all the goodness of Vitamin C from the Orange oil and Vitamin E from the Almond oil.
    Lavender & Pink Grapefruit: a relaxing but refreshing scent. Lavender oil is soothing and helps to heal skin that is irritated or reddened, the Pink Grapefruit adds a natural anti-bacterial agent whilst sweetening the floral scent of the Lavender.
    Camomile & Ylang: Gorgeous English Camomile has excellent soothing properties, and this paired with Ylang Ylang which balances and restores oil production in skin, is perfect for keeping hands clean but hydrated.
    Mandarin & Lime: fresh and citrussy, this soap is reminiscent of the sweet smells of summer. Mandarin cuts through dirt and oil and hydrates the skin whilst the lime topnote brings the clean smell to the soap and applies natural anti-oxidants to the skin during washing.
    Rosemary & Cedarwood: a woody blend of Rosemary and Cedarwood stimulates circulation and delivers anti-bacterial properties whilst cleansing the skin. The deep cedar notes from the essential oil leave a lasting fresh scent.
    Jasmine & Vanilla: reminiscent of tropical Asia, this soap will transport you to the floral gardens of India or Vietnam. Softly scented with Jasmine flower, this soap is our favourite for the bath, allowing you to sink into relaxation as the oils permeate from the soap.
    Orange & Cinnamon: sweet yet spicy, the scent of this soap combines the fragrant notes of cinnamon and the sweet, fruity aroma of oranges to bring a deliciously warm fragrance. The sweet orange acts as an antiseptic, ridding skin and nails of bacteria whilst the cinnamon pairing alleviates dryness.
    Green Mandarin: bright, refreshing and tropical the Green Mandarin is the perfect soap for bathroom or kitchen. The Mandarin oil cuts through dirt, soothes dry skin and delivers an uplifting scent.
    To keep our soaps dent-free we wrap them in recycled brown paper, but if you select the Gift Wrapping option we’ll wrap up them in recycled tissue paper with plant-fibre string - ready for you to pop straight under the tree!

    Soap Trio

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    Fragrance Blend 2
    Fragrance Blend 3
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