• This delightful bundle pairs together our Fresh-Faced Cleansing Oil and the soft Reusable Make Up Wipes. 


    The Cleansing Oil is gentle but efficient; its 100% oil formulation collects dirt and dead skin cells as it travels across the skin. The consistency allows it to glide smoothly across your face so there's no need for any rubbing or scrubbing, and it'll take away the day's sweat, grime and make up.

    The Reusable Make Up Wipes are the perfect accessory to your cleansing routine. They're double-sided with a soft sweet pea gauze on one side and a fluffy towelling on the other. They're great for using with a product for cleasing, or just to wipe damp skin at the end of your wash.


    This bundle gets you both of these gorgeous natural products together at a discount of £4.95.


    For more information on the products and their ingredients please see the individual product pages here:

    Oil Cleansing Bundle

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