• These 100% cotton cloth face masks are double-layered and soft to the touch.

    This design is created from 100% organic cotton fabric offcuts that otherwise would have gone to waste, so only a limited number are available. Complete with two tape ties either side of the mask, you are able to either tie around the head and neck, or around each ear so that you can wear it with the most comfortable and snug fit.


    Using an organic cotton not only means they are made using a plant-based fibre that will biodegrade and/or compost in the future, it’s also fabric that hasn’t been exposed to chemical herbicides or pesticides which is all the better for our skin. Being breathable and soft to the touch are important for preventing irritation of our skin. The fibre count in the two cottons is higher on the outer layer and lower on the lining to enable easy breathing and to prevent your breath being caught inside the mask which can irritate skin and exacerbate eczema, psoriasis and acne.


    Each mask purchased will donate a mask to the #MasksforMadagascar campaign run by our partner SEED Madagascar. The price of the mask is broken down below:

    £1.91 material costs

    £1.59 labour costs

    £1 donation


    Cloth masks are designed to provide a protective facial covering which have been suggested as a semi-preventative measure for reducing the chances of catching the coronavirus and other airborne infections. The pattern, material and usage instructions have been created in accordance with the CDC’s guidance which you can read here.


    How To:

    The masks feature two straps on each side. Simply tie the top and bottom straps together in a loop to wear around the ears, or tie around the head by tying the top straps together, and bottom straps together. See pictures 3 and 4 for visual guidance.


    Please note: due to health risks we are unable to accept returns.

    Limited Edition Cloth Face Mask - Toucan

    • 100% Organic Cotton

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