Every brand begins with just an idea, and for us it started as more of a daydream. We met working in a retail store, just a few months before Conscious House was first conceived. We spent days together learning about candles and cosmetics at work, and that, coupled with a few of our own personal interests, led us to create our very own home and skincare brand. 

Conscious House is a small brand, based in South West London creating natural, sustainable and ethical home and beauty products. Everything you find on here has been handmade by us, using ingredients and materials from trusted suppliers to give you natural alternatives to your every day routines. 

Each product is designed with our commitment to sustainable, natural and cruelty-free living in mind.


It all started when I could finally reach mum’s dressing table. As soon as the coast was clear, I would dig my hands in and scoop up all her lotions and potions. Now, I always use all natural, all organic and most importantly, cruelty free makeup and skincare every day.

Sustainability was something that I was introduced to after turning vegan. Becoming vegan instantly made me more aware of the environment and what negatively impacts it. I became vegan just a few years ago, I was gobsmacked at how cruel the meat and dairy industry is, and that’s just in the UK. I also realised that for living more sustainably, even the smallest changes are important, that's about when I started carrying reusable everything, everywhere!

I didn’t want to get too personal here, but after a very tough time at University (which I never completed) I struggled to get back on my feet. After some recuperating, I started a new part time job, where I met Rebecca! As soon as I saw her separating the rubbish from recycling, I knew we’d get on and now, we’re bringing Conscious House to life!


My father always came home from work smelling of something different - and definitely not always of something that smelled nice. He started his own perfumery business before I was born and thus I spent many a summer holiday working in the lab, filing bottles, tidying the office and helping to weigh out samples. It wasn't until later I had a greater appreciation for his art. 


I initially learnt about sustainability at University, I studied Environmental Science went on to complete a Masters in Environmental Management, which is where I learnt about how to apply sustainable practices to both my personal life as well as my work with businesses. Now, sustainable living is just a way of life for me.

Combining my interests in sustainability and fragrance was something I'd always thought of as a hobby, yet whilst working in sustainability consulting I realised that there should be a way to make a career from something you love. It was during my quarter-life crisis that I met Nicolle. Creative, arty and with a similar interest in things that smell as good as they are for the planet, we soon found that all we needed was a little encouragement from each other to follow our dreams.

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